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What do we do?

Being part of an Owners Corporation brings with it a number of Legal, Administrative and Practical requirements…all of which we would undertake on your behalf.


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Protecting your assets

It’s important to make sure that your property is safe and protected both physically and financially:

  • We will set an annual budget to keep your Owners Corporation solvent
  • We will obtain the most competitive insurance coverage for your property to ensure your assets are properly protected at all times
  • We will endeavour to make sure your property is safe and secure at all times

Your legal requirements

  • If managed, be registered with the Titles Office
  • If managed, display a plaque on the premises identifying your Owners Corporation Manager
  • Prepare and sign the Owners Corporation certificates necessary to allow the sale of any of the units in the Corporation and provide the certificate for any Section 32
  • Ensure that your manager has Professional Indemnity Insurance of at least $2m

We do all of this, and are covered by $5m Professional Indemnity.

Administrative requirements

There is a lot of administration involved in running an Owners Corporation and we’ll manage all of the regulatory and day to day administration efficiently and effectively.

  • Setting the budget
  • Collecting contributions and levies
  • Organising the AGM
  • Writing up and circulating the AGM minutes
  • Preparing and issuing detailed annual financial statements

One of the most important requirements is that you must have the best possible insurance coverage for the property and ensure that you are getting professional advice at a competitive price. …we do all of this too.

  • We also provide 24/7 online access to view your account.


Practical requirements

There are other practicalities which need to be dealt with by the Owners Corporation.

  • Banks, Insurance Companies, Estate Agents, Local Authorities, Owners, Tenants, Tradespeople

There are also monthly and weekly commitments.

  • Paying Owners Corporation Accounts
  • Managing Owners Corporation maintenance and repairs
  • Making sure that your property is safe and secure

We pride ourselves on our fast and efficient follow up. We also offer a 24/7 emergency assistance and all of our tradesmen are reliable experienced contractors.




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